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Thailand Aviation Maintenance

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Already in our second decade, we are now moving with determined speed to gain international standards.



Moving forwards in the second decade with determination towards gaining international standards.

With an extensive and insightful vision, the establishment of TAI was to provide repair and maintenance services for aircraft in Thailand. TAI has been a gateway to reinforce the potential of aviation capability in Thailand, saving a tremendous amount of expense adding up to over 10,000 million Baht. It has been 12 years since the establishment of TAI. During this time TAI has proved itself through a succession of operational growth and continuous development.


From that day to present time, the reputation of TAI’s work has soared high in aviation world as an announcement of Thailand’s dignity and pride.

TAI’s utmost mission is the responsibility for repair and maintenance of the RTAF’s aircraft. Over the years TAI had expanded its mission and services to both domestic and international business sectors with consecutive evolution. And this is the decade of success to the next step of strength and influential pace of Thai Aviation Industries Co., Ltd.

Our Expertise

Aircraft Repair

TAI's repair and services have widely served military, government sectors and various types of commercial aircraft.

Component Service and Repair

Thai Aviation Industries Co., Ltd., has various capabilities to inspect, check, repair and overhaul piston engines as well as components such as Propellers, Brakes, Wheels, and Shock absorbing Struts. In terms of avionics maintenance, TAI provides services on directional gyros, Radios and Equipment, Weather Radar and Air Traffic Control.


Thai Aviation Industries Co., Ltd. (TAI) has been appointed by PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) as an authorized distributor and co-producers of CN235-220 aircraft in Thailand.

Stepping to the second Decade with International Standards

TAI envisions being a leading international standard Maintenance Center for Thailand and ASEAN, so international certification is very important. Currently, TAI operates under the approval of the Thai Department of Civil Aviation which enables us only to repair aircraft registered in Thailand. To service other foreign registered aircraft such as from neighboring countries, TAI needs to be audited by the Department of Civil Aviation of those countries.